We elevate people to the top. Not only our customers, but also everybody who works with us everyday: personal and professional elevation broadens the boundaries of development to grow together and offer better products and service.

Nova Srl company
Nova Srl Company


Day after day we research and design lifting solutions to please our customers, improving the quality of their lives, the aesthetics and the value of their homes, aiming to a residential comfort which is classy and long-lasting.

We are a young, dynamic company, in continuous development, at the forefront of energy efficiency, active in the social field and sensitive to the wishes and satisfaction of our customers.

NOVA cares for the environment and people’s health: for this reason, in 2010 it decided to installation of a 100 kW photovoltaic system on the production plant. The entire team puts into practice a holistic approach aimed at reducing the environmental impact in the production of lifts and elevators, taking into consideration the entire life cycle of the product and the conscious disposal of the material used in manufacturing processes in the departments (iron, sheet metal, wood, packaging), as well as in offices.


The company was founded in 1992, focusing on the market for the production of lift cabins for third parties. After consolidating its position, a structured commercial development begins, also addressing foreign markets and in particular Germany.

Over the years, NOVA Elevators has expanded its product range: it starts first with NOVA Incas, the metal shafts for the production of elevators and lift platforms, and then continues with the creation of the complete line of elevators for the NOVA Suite and the line of elevators for modernization and renovation NOVA Latus.

NOVA Giotto, the round lifts for luxury projects, complete the product range at this stage.

The Suite lift line is extended with the inclusion of NOVA Mini Suite, the pantograph lifting platform for the disabled or people with reduced mobility, and with NOVA Grand Suite, the robust and reliable lifting platform for loads up to 1,500 kg.

NOVA Elevators therefore has a complete range of lifting systems, able to satisfy all types of needs, both from the point of view of space and from an aesthetic point of view.

In 2014 it undertakes the construction and development of the commercial network to be present in all the main Italian cities of the Center-North.

In 2017, the Company celebrates 25 years of activity with a Limited edition of the Suite Lift cabins and the complete restyling of the site and its brand identity.

In 2018 NOVA receives the Industry 4.0 certification and is part of the Government’s digital development plan thanks to the use of advanced machinery and digital data flow management.

In the same year, CRIBIS issued a certificate of commercial reliability to NOVA, assigned to 7% of over 6 million Italian companies.

In 2019 NOVA Suite cabins designed by Architect Simone Micheli are previewed at the Fuori Salone in Milan, the international event dedicated to the world of design and architecture.

Just 25 years history

Our History
Nova Elevators - Company History
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Our Essence

Made in Italy, customer satisfaction, concern for the environment.
These are the principles that guide NOVA to research, design, manufacture the lifts and platform lifts range, to offer flexible and highly customizable solutions to customers and to make homes accessible with elegance, style and comfort.

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