Made in Italy

Excellence of ITALIAN MANUFACTURE means accuracy, safety, care for details and are assurance of a quality homelift.
Made in Italy Venezia

Italy produces many luxury goods: we are worldwide renowned for our high quality products as well as for the competence and expertise of our designers.

All NOVA products are completely designed and manufactured in Italy, in order to provide customers with maximum quality and full control on every manufacturing process.

Italian Excellence

“Made in Italy” does not only mean “manufactured in Italy: this statement means a commitment to TASTE, STYLE and QUALITY which distinguishes our Country in several industries, from fashion to furniture, interior design, architecture and automotive.

Nova Srl company
Nova Elevators Made in Italy

NOVA 100% Made in Italy

The care and attention we put to manufacture our homelifts are unique, as well as the research on aesthetics, to turn into reality a wide variety of custom options to meet our customers’ needs.

The care and attention with which the different components of the homelifts are made are unique, as it is the search for aesthetics and design. This commitment is put is practice in the wide range of customizations available and in the completely bespoken design, according to every customer’s style and to the space constraints.
NOVA Elevators offers flexible and highly customizable solutions to make indoor or outdoor environments accessible with elegance, style and comfort.

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