The functionality and comfort of the Suite elevators for a villa in Germany.


In Kaisheim, Germany, NOVA Elevators installed an indoor Suite lift in a single-family house.

Why the Suite homelift?

Mrs. Kerber decided to renovate her house, a single-family villa transforming it into two separate apartments and thus be able to live close to her sister, both maintaining their independence.

For this reason, in addition to expanding the upper floor to transform it into her new apartment, Mrs. Kerber wanted to install a lift for the Suite home, which would allow her to reach the upper floor from the basement in complete autonomy and safety even for the future, considering the passing of years.

Ms. Kerber is very satisfied with her decision, because with a domestic NOVA lift the feeling of well-being has increased significantly.

I’m not worried, because the elevator allows me to move around the house without going up the stairs, even if I need a wheelchair or walker

says Mrs. Kerber.

How was the Suite lift designed and manufactured?

The Suite lift was built with a hydraulic system and a maximum duty load of 400 kg, telescopic doors with white sliding doors have been chosen, to minimize as much as possible the aesthetic impact of the lift on the interior of the house.

Mrs. Kerber chose to place a mirror on the back wall, which helps to lessen the sense of claustrophobia inside the elevator, a handrail, while the floor was made of PVC and the walls in white skinplate PPS10.

The secret of a perfect installation

Rieser Aufzugbau and their client have confirmed that NOVA Elevators keeps their promises: Suitelift is the home lift that adapts perfectly to your space and enhances it with style and elegance in complete comfort.