Elegance can be sober – Suite is the home elevator which perfectly combines design and elegance, therefore it is the perfect solution to be installed in prestigious locations.


A Suite homelift for indoor installation has been recently installed in the masonry shaft of a private villa in Bakum, a small village close to Bremen.

Why the Suite homelift?

The elegant and refined design of Suite homelift, and in particular of the Black Diamond cabin from Limited Edition collection, has lead the owner of the villa to choose Nova Elevators to install a homelift in is brand-new villa, to make it more comfortable and accessible also to people on wheelchairs.

How was the Suite lift designed?

Nova Elevators has designed and manufactured an hydraulic homelift, to be installed in a masonry shaft, with the following features:

  • Capacity 400kg
  • 2 stops
  • Automatic sliding doors painted RAL9010 at landings and in black Skinplate in car
  • Black Diamond cabin from Nova Elevator’s Limited Edition collection, a stylish design thanks to the fine opposition between black and white finishes. The full height mirror on the rear wall enhances this contrast and amplifies the brightness of the cabin and its LED panel with diamond design.