The comfort and customization are the mail skills of the Suite installed with full satisfaction of the Dutch Family.


The Suite homelift was installed in a private villa in the city of Schalkhaar (Netherlands).

Why the Suite lift elevator for the house?

The Dutch Family wanted to keep enjoying the three floors of their beautiful house and, with the support of Viking Liften, the Family found the perfect solution to their needs: the Suite homelift installed in a masonry shaft.

How the Suite home lift was manufactured?

The Suite was manufactured for an indoor masonry shaft, the cabin walls are in skinplate F12PPS and matched the home style.

The car was equipped with the mirror to reduce the claustrophobic feelings. Furthermore, a brushed stainless steel handrail and a plexiglass seat were provided to give a better confort.

The technical solution found by the Nova Technical Deaprtment is very smart, providing 3 panels sliding doors with the headroom of only 2500 mm.

The secret of a perfect installation

Thanks to the effective team work between Nova and Viking Liften, the Suite homelift was installed quickly, without any delays and the engineers left the house perfectly cleaned.