A modern electric Traction Lift for a house that tends to the future and to the energy efficiency.


It is installed in a private house nearby Reggio Emilia, built with modern materials to improve its energy efficiency.

Why the Suite homelift?

The traction Lift Suite homelift guarantees high energy efficiency and is environmental-friendly. Thanks to its traction motor and ERP system, consumption is reduced to only 0,55 Kw, same as the vacuum cleaner. It is exactly for this reason that the traction Suite homelift has been considered the perfect choice for a house built following the green principles.

How was it installed?

The traction Suite homelift was installed outdoor and the metal shaft was cladded with extra-clear glass. Since the metal structure is south-oriented, the client decided to install the “Desenzano” model, which brings an air flow 10 times more than a standard metal shaft. The thermal swing doors helped the owner of the house to obtain the “Class A” certificate.