CRIBIS certificate assigned to NOVA represents the highest level of assessment of an organization’s commercial reliability and is assigned using a specific rating.

CRIBIS, a rating agency specialized in commercial information, has assigned the CRIBIS Prime Company certificate to NOVA Elevators, a highly valued award given only to 7% of over 6 million Italian companies through the CRIBIS D&B rating.

This recognition obtained by the homelift producer, testifies the highest level of reliability assessed to an organization, and it is issued only and exclusively to the Italian companies that maintain high economic and commercial levels, thus confirming themselves as virtuous towards suppliers and customers.

We are proud to receive this important award from CRIBIS. This is the result of our dynamism, commitment, listening attitude towards customers and suppliers and the expertise we put in our work.

said the CEO of NOVA, Mr. Fabrizio Nicoli.

Carla Govoni, Finance & Manufacturing Director, with Fabrizio Nicoli, CEO at NOVA Elevators.

Cribis Assegned Prime Company Certificate to Nova Srl