LSM Mobility and its clients confirmed that NOVA keeps promises: Suite is the homelift suitable for your room and lifts you up with style and elegance.


The Suite outdoor lift was installed in a big house in Gimel, in the Swiss canton of Vaud, in a beautiful area between Lemano Lake and Jura Vaudois Park.

Why the outdoor Suite homelift?

Monsieur Joly said:

We were loking for a lift to move easily from the house entrance, on the second floor, to the car park placed on the groud floor without taking the stairs, because they are steep and slippery during the winter period. To find a technical solution with nice finishes looked not easy at all. For this reason LSM Mobility introduced us to Nova Elevators.

He added:

The Suitelift product range solved this problem. We chose this outdoor lift because the lift car has a panoramic wall to enjoy the lansdscape.

How was the Suite lift designed and manufactured?

Nova Elevators designed and manufactured an outdoor homelift to connect the house to the garage floor with a panoramic structure to insert the outdoor lift in the building and enjoy the lake view.

The secret of a perfect installation

The outdoor lift structure could not be fixed to the existing building, so that NOVA designed and manufactured a special solution matching safety with elegance and bespoken design.