Displays and pushbutton panels

NOVA Elevators offers a selected selection of displays, buttons and pushbuttons panels for Suite home lifts, ideal for both new custom-designed projects and for the modernization of existing buildings.


The displays positioned in the cabin and at landings the floor provide useful information on the operation of the lift. The display are digital with display color which can be modulated.

For extremely sophisticated design solutions, NOVA Elevators also offers a full-colors circular display with additional black information plate, if required.

The circular display is one of the accessories included in the Suite lift cabin line designed by Architect Simone Micheli.

Cabin buttons

Round buttons with blue plate and elliptical ring in gunmetal gray. The buttons are supplied with a number or symbol in relief (compliant with the European norms EN 81-70) and the translation into the Braille alphabet (compliant with the Italian Ministerial Decree number 236/89).

The clean and linear design of the buttons allows you to install them in any project, from the most modern Suite homelift to the most classic.

Button - Nova

Car operating buttons

The push-button panels for the Suite lift cars are available with new digital displays and with vertical plate in glazed or polished stainless steel or nestled in the Skinplate wall of the color you selected.

Landing push-button panels

NOVA Elevators push-button panels represent a solution both for the replacement of existing push-button panels and for the installation of new elevators.

The button panel at landing is discreet and with clean and simple lines: it enhances the style of the elevator both for condominiums and for independent villas and therefore of the building in which it is located.

Nova Srl - Displays and Pushbutton Panels for Homelift

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