Materials and colours

Skinplate Cabin Walls

Skinplate is a particularly functional and hygenic material because it is easily washable.

The colour range is wide and includes different materic effects: from the wood-look, to the stainless steel, form smooth finishes to matt textures.

Choose the perfect finish for your Suite Lift home Lift!


Plastic Laminate Cabin Walls

The Plastic Laminate is widely used in the furniture sector, thanks to its lightness and strength; it is also suitable for the cabin walls of indoor and outdoor home elevators.

Choose among different wood effects to match the style of your home: from the lighter Douglas Ice, to the dark and more modern Teak Sumatra or Tennessee Oak.

Natural Wood, Stainless Steel and Fabric-Look

NOVA Elevators actively collaborates with architects and interior designers in choosing the most exclusive and eclectic materials to offer to its customers.

Natural Wood, Fabric and Wavy Stainless Steel are part of the cabin wall finishes of the “Exclusive” Suite Lift cabin collection created in partnership with Simone Micheli Architect.

Stainless Steel on request

NOVA Elevators suggests exclusive cabin finshes in Polished or Satin Stainless Steel, with anti-scratches “Linen” texture or GOLD.

Panoramic Windows for Suite Lift cabins

PVC Flooring

PVC floor offers several advantages: soft at touch, water-resistant, robust, long-lasting and anti-slip.

Choose your preferred colour and pattern!

Beyond the basic options, NOVA Elevators suggests two PVC types in concrete or wood-look matched to the “Exclusive” Suite Lift cabin configurations: POTTER’S CLAY and  SHARK SKIN. 

Rubber Flooring

The rubber floor with “bubbles” finish is non-slip and particularly suitable for installations in places with high traffic, easily washable and particularly resistant.

Granite flooring

Granite floor is suitable to be placed inside home lift cabins: its specific weight is modest and has a high resistance to wear, compression and abrasion.

It is a valuable material, whose aesthetics resembles that of the most precious marble, with shades that vary from white to gray, to black.

Natural Wood and Fabric-Look flooring

RAL Colours and TEXTILE Finishes





Available uopn request for the Suite Lift installations 

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