Safety in the lift

Safety in residential or commercial buildings is important, and NOVA can add several accessories to your lift to improve the safety of your elevator.


The key can be used to operate the cabin or just to enter in the car. The key helps to keep the homelift under control and avoid somebody else to ride the unit, especially in case of an outdoor lift.

Manual release

It allows the user to open manually the landing swing door from inside the cabin.

Manual release - Nova

Infrared barrier

This infrared barriers are installed in a cabin without car door. They avoid the unexpected closure of the cabin door when a person is detected.

Infrared barrier - Nova


A discreet and elegant telephone is available inside the cabin to call from the inside in case of emergency.

White telephone handset - Nova
White telephone handset



The car and landing displays inform about the movement of the unit.


Automatic opening of landing swing doors

Swing doors can be opened automatically with no noise, increasing the comfort and safety for all users, especially for people with reduced mobility, or to implement vertical mobility solutions inside residential or commercial buildings. This system is particularly helpful with strollers, bags, shopping bags, water packs, suitcases, bulk loads.

The swing door opening system can be installed both on existing domestic elevators and on newly designed Suite homelifts.


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