NOVA Elevators offers stylish home lift cabin lines with unique designs, to meet the aesthetic taste of each customer.
home lift cabin skinplate

Tailor-made to your style and needs

Choosing your own materials, finishes, accessories allows you to create a home lift that matches your tastes and needs, both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.
Whether it is a private house or an organization, a shopping center or a public building, an eye-catching design is crucial.

The home lift customization begins by choosing the cabin design and materials, and it continues with the selection of finishes, colours and available accessories (doors, lighting, handrails, seats, fans, mirrors, bumper rails, etc.)

skinplate cabina suite lift


The car walls are in organic plastic laminate, black pvc flooring with white ceiling. You can select the wall color of your Skinplate cabin and you can add a panoramic wall to enjoy the view.


Horizontal wood-look panels in different colours and shades for a modern design. The Stainless Steel Car Operating Panel (COP) adds brightness to the car interiors.
laminate finish suite lift
custom design cabin walls


Choose your own design by sublimation and install your preferred image inside the car. The wall can also be backlit.

Suite Lift Cars : interior design options

Enhance the space inside your homelift by choosing the indoor finishes that best suit your environments and satisfy your taste!

Special Home Lift Cabins

Choose among NOVA Elevators’ stylish home lift solutions created to deliver a unique interior design project in your home!

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