“Exclusive” Suite Lift Cabins

Make your home unique with the cabin layout Suite Lift "Exclusive".
Limited Edition Cabins 2017

NOVA Elevators celebrates its 25th anniversary and decides to design four new cabin models. These cabins are the extraordinary combination of quality materials, high-class finishes and elegant style. Their sophisticated design makes these cabins an interior design element, which enhances the place where they are installed.


Elegant and glamour in warm wood colors.

The cabin walls are in “Douglas 387 Microline” plastic laminate, the lateral wall is in polished st/st and is provided with a LCD display.

The ceiling is elegantly designed with a sun shape and the PVC flooring is in concrete-look (“Silver Concrete Eternal Material 13002”).

The New Limited Edition Cabins 2017 - Nova Potter


Walls in Gloss Skinplate (black gloss N3PP COP side wall and ceiling; side wall in white gloss A32PP). Back wall in full-height, full width mirror.

Cabin lighting with a diamond-shaped design and PVC flooring in “Ghiaccio” white colour.


A unique cabin that will impress your guests.

Two cabin walls are in plastic laminate “Rovere Tennessee 565 Holz”, and the cop wall is inF12PPS. The cabin is equipped with brushed st/st curved handrail and LCD display. The PVC floor is in wood-look (“Eternal Wood Light Oak 13442”)
The client can include a ceiling with a special radial lighting design.

The New Limited Edition Cabins 2017 - Nova Shark

These special cabins with an elegant and precious design, and with extraordinary details and finishes, have been conceived to celebrate NOVA Elevators’ 25th anniversary

and are part of the “Exclusive” cabin line of Suite Lift home lifts

Choose between Potter’s Clay, Shark Skin, and Black Diamond: the special models proposed by NOVA Elevators to give your Suite Lift home lift a unique style.

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