Grand Suite

The lifting platform ideal for heavy loads and greater cabin space: elegant cabin finishes with a duty load up to 1,500 kg!

The strong and reliable platform lift for heavy loads

Installing a Grand Suite elevator allows to enrich public and residential environments with a functional, reliable and aesthetically pleasing lifting system.

The lifting platform is the ideal solution to improve accessibility in places open to the public such as pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, hotels, and nursing homes, medical and paramedical centers and other public buildings.

The NOVA Grand Suite service and goods lift meets all the needs of vertical movement for both people and heavy goods and makes residential complexes and public buildings accessible, increasing the economic value and removing the architectural barriers.

In prestigious residential contexts, the Grand Suite platform lift can represent the right choice for functionality, load capacity and aesthetics, thanks to the wide range of customisations, the refined and elegant design and the valuable finishes.

Great load capacity

– Strong and reliable freight elevator, ideal for transporting people and goods.
– Wider and more comfortable cabin space for the vertical movement of heavy or bulky loads that also include an attendant (be it the operator who directs the pallet truck or the helper who pushes the wheelchair, the bed, the trolley, goods in boxes, etc.).
– Duty load force up to 1,500 kg (about 20 people).
– It ensures accessibility in large residential buildings, public and private spaces for business use.

Indoor Cabin - Nova
Outdoor Homelift - Nova


– Customization with modern finishes and neat lines.
– Walls and COP available in Skinplate steel laminate in the standard version, or as alternative version in embossed RAL paint, galvanized finish or brushed stainless steel.
– In the standard version the cabin roof is white and cabin doors are in Skinplate, though these can also be made in embossed RAL paint, galvanized finish or stainless steel to create aesthetic continuity with the cabin walls.
– Lighting available with 4 or 6 LED spotlights or with single/double LED panel.
– Wide range of landing swing or automatic doors.


Download Grand Suite lifting platform Catalog

Customized design for your spaces

We design and build the platform lift you need, adapting it according to your space: Grand Suite can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Minimum dimensions: 1950×2200 mm/ 1550×2850 mm;
  • Maximum dimensions: 2200×2850 mm with capacity 1.500 kg;
  • Double entrance is possible: through car or 90° through car.

Safety and comfort

A reliable and safe platform lift, even when carrying heavy loads in industrial contexts.
  • CE Certification
  • Complies with Machine Directive 2006/42/CE
  • Operable by mixed operation (in the presence of a person in the cabin who operates the system with the control panel) and without cabin doors or completely automatically
  • Automatic sliding doors in cabin
  • Powered by 400 Vac 3-phase electric current and with double speed, which allows a flowing, constant and comfortable movement
  • Enabling keys for landing doors

Warranty and maintenance

The maintenance of Grand Suite is minimal and affordable.

It is recommended to sign a maintenance contract with NOVA Elevators’ authorised partners close to you, in order to ensure a safe, reliable and verified homelift.


Download Grand Suite lifting platform Catalog

Grand Suite Lifting Platform Lift

DUTY LOAD 750 -1.000 - 1.500 kg
SPEED 0,15 m/s (0,3 m/s - Extra-EU)
PIT 350 mm
HEADROOM 2700 mm
POWER SUPPLY 400 Vac ~ trifase - 50Hz
DOORS 900 mm standard - opzioni da 800 mm a 1200 mm
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