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Lift doors

A wide range of LIFT DOORS for the Suite Lift installations: landing swings doors in steel or aluminium; automatic folding or sliding doors for the cabin or at landings, available in glass or blind.
NOVA Elevators offers the attention to details you deserve to reflect your style.
Kristal Door Nova


NOVA Elevators features the automatic operation with the “SIMPA” system available upon request on the Suite Lifts with hydraulic drive and with no car doors: the cabin is equipped with a special entrances control system, whose functioning is monitored from the control panel.



A wide range of door models designed and manufactured with particular attention to details. The lift doors can be installed indoor or outdoor and match the aesthetics of your home.

LUMINA Aluminium Swing Doors

Aluminium landing swing doors with panoramic window and flush handle.

Available in natural grey anodised aluminium or with white or black varnished frame.

Glass Colours for SWING DOORS

Glass Colours for SWING DOORS



Thermal resistant doors provide a highly energy-efficient comfort for outdoor installations.

All thermal resistant doors installed with Suitelift range are certified by Zephir for energy-saving. They are designed to reduce heat loss and grant a thermal trasmittance index of 2,4 W/mqk (measured according to UNI EN ISO 100777-1.2 norm), four times more efficient than a common elevator swing door. Thermal resistant doors - Nova Srl

Main features:

  • Laminated safety glass with double glazing. The spacers are made of insulating material.
  • The blind parts of the doors are filled in with insulating material.
  • Insulating magnetic sealing on the perimeter.
  • In the lower part of the door there is an automatic sealing which hermetically seals and at the same time preservs the mobility of the door without scratching the floor.
  • Interchangeability of thermal doors with existing doors of whatever manufacture.
  • It is the perfect solution to increase the real estate value of the building in terms of energy label classification and comfort.


The fire-rated doors for Suite home elevators are manufactured and certified according to the current European standards UNI EN 81.58, available in CLASS EI 120 EW 60.

A fire door is a door that allows you to isolate and contain the flames that can develop in the rooms of buildings for residential or public use: their essential feature is to meet the fire resistance requirements according to the standards international fire safety systems.


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