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Suite Lift home lift

Your lifestyle ... with a special point of view!
Intelligently constructed and beautifully designed: Suite Lift provides exceptional functionality and improves your quality of life.
Suite Homelift - Nova

Suite Lift brings a collection of stylish lift solutions tailored to match the image and identity of your home.

By installing our home lift systems, you will introduce a new level of comfort and style to both indoor and outdoor environments, finding the perfect balance of attractive design and exceptional functionality in terms of space nees, costs, energy consumption and user experience.


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The versatile dimensions make the Suite Lift home lift suitable for every building: private houses, organizations, blocks-of-flats, public buildings.

By offering the wide range of cabin finishes and colors, NOVA Elevators designs a completely tailor-made homelift.

This little elegant elevator is available with gearless drive with a maximum rated load of 400 kg, eco-friendly and with high energy efficiency, or with hydraulic drive, with a maximum rated load of 500 kg.


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Bespoke accessories and finishes:

– Cabin walls: panoramic walls, in Skinplate covering, wood-effect or stainless steel
– Wide range of cabin accessories for users’ comfort
– Automatic doors and swing doors, including fire-rated doors and with thermal break
– Different types of LED lighting and suspended ceilings
– Panoramic NOVA INCAS glazed metal structures

Nova Project
Homelift in city condo - Nova

Safety and comfort

Home lifts with extreme usability to improve the comfort the user experience:

– Smooth and silent ride
– Automatic return to the floor in case of power failure
– It can work with 3 different operations: hold-to-run, automatic operation at landings and automatic operation both in car and at landings
– Remote control on the lift system and telephone connection inside the cabin
– Proactive maintenance.

Enhance your vertical journey with VOCAL SUITE… the touchless voice-controlled home lift featured on the Suite Lift installations.


Energy Efficiency

Suite Lift home lift requires low energy and respects the enviroment, it saves money on the bill and reduces air pollution.
  • “Class A” energy rating according to the German Directive VDI 4707, for energy efficiency in the building industry
  • 95% manufactured with recyclable materials
  • The Suite Lift with traction model requires only 0.75 kW, the same as a vacuum cleaner!
  • Eco friendly home lift: the C02 emissions are reduced by 70%
  • The Hydraulic Drive allows for exceptional dimensional flexibility
  • The Gearless Drive, that does not imply the use of oil, is managed by a Smart-Inverter
  • The thermal-break doors guarantee the thermal insulation between the outdoor lift and the inside of the building


Made-to-measure projects

A versatile home lift which can be adapted to every property: narrow shafts, dedicated areas indoor or outdoor. Suite Lift is a discreet solution to assist in movement around the house
  • Suite Lift home lift cabin dimensions vary from a minumum of 50 x 100 cm till a maximum of 110 x 140 cm
  • A minimum pit is advisable (minimum pit of only 20 cm, which can be created also by a ramp) but not necessary
  • Outdoor installation available with panoramic metal structure in stainless steel and glass
  • The Suite Lift home lift with Gearless Drive do not require machine room and electric cabinet
  • Small footprint and maximum of space inside
  • Reduced headroom
Tailor-made homelift - Nova

Warranty and maintenance

The maintenance of Suite Lift home lift is reduced and affordable.

It is recommended to sign a maintenance contract with NOVA Elevators’ authorised partners, in order to ensure a safe, reliable and verified home lift.


Suite Lift projects


Download theSuite Lift Catalogue


Download the Technical Specifications Catalogue

Traction Suite Lift Lift

Rated Load 200- 300 - 400 kg
Number of floors 6 max
Speed 0,15 m/s (0,30 m/s Extra-EU)
Max travel 20 m
Pit 200 mm
Minimum headroom 2500 mm
Main power 0,75 kW 230 V
Door 500 - 1000 mm

Hydraulic Suite Lift Lift

Rated Load 200-300-400-500 kg
Number of floors 6 max
Speed 0,15 m/s (0,30 m/s Extra EU)
Max travel 18 m
Pit 110-110-220 mm
Minimum headroom 2350 mm
Main power Starting from 1.1 kW - 230 V
Door 500 - 1000 mm
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