NOVA Elevators has completed the installation of a semi-circular indoor lift in a very special building.

Where was the homelift installed?

A hôtel particulier is a typical French building, a very luxurious and magnificent mansion built in the town centre and with several floors.

The architecture firm Arsenal in Bordeaux chose the indoor panoramic semi-circular lift for this classy town mansion.

How was the lift designed and manufactured?

The requests of the architect who realized the project were clear:

  • to install an homelift inside an existing building with historic value;
  • to ensure the maximum accessibility for the users;
  • to preserve the architectural beauty of the monumental staircase;
  • to adapt the lift to the semi-circular shape of the stairwell.

An indoor panoramic NOVA Suite lift was the solution, thanks to the range of customization and details available.
NOVA Elevators provided a technical and aesthetic solution which used the space available inside the semi-circular stairwell, saving as much room as possible for the lift car.

The indoor lift structure was realized in black painted steel (RAL 9005) and completed in glass, with a semicircular side at the bottom. Thanks to this solution, the elevator perfectly fits into the classic architecture of the hotel particulier and provides a design solution which satisfies the accessibility issues.

The secret of a perfect installation

The integration of the Suite lift to the mansion was a real architectural success which met all the requests. Also, the silence of the homelift is really appreciated by the users.

said Jorge dos Santos, sales agent of JPP Accessibilité.