NOVA Elevators has installed two Suitelifts in two shops (IKSS and Margolis) of the new shopping centre DOQU Dorotheenquartier


In the heart of the city of Stuttgart, in the new DOQU Dorotheenquartier shopping complex, full of clothing, furniture and design shops.

Why the Suite Lift elevator?

All the shops in this shopping center had the obligation to install inside them an elevator or lifting platform to make their levels accessible to all customers and visitors.

Shopping usable for everyone: this was the specific request of the real estate company that created the prestigious project.

NOVA Elevators has been chosen by customers, on the advice of local partners, because it guarantees attention to details and fine finishes without forgetting comfort and functionality.

How the lift has been realized

For both systems, a metal structure was provided, one with a sheet-metal paneling on two sides, the other with a cladding on the access side only.

The doors are telescopic with a free passage of 900mm for both systems, thus respecting the rules on accessibility.

Both cabs are finished in Skinplate PPS10 and equipped with mirror and handrail for greater user comfort, especially for those with mobility difficulties or in wheelchairs.

For one of the two cabins, NOVA Elevators has also arranged the insertion of the floor chosen by the customer, a parquet identical to that of the store, to give continuity to the rooms.

The secret of a perfect installation

NOVAElevators always keeps its promises, this time managing to ensure perfect integration with the environment.
In fact, one of the two interior elevators has been customized, creating the floor of the cabin with the exact same parquet chosen by the customer for the floor of the store.