An indoor lift that can integrate earth, sky, and the rhythms of a dream vacation. When we received this request, we immediately wondered where it came from and soon we discovered a small corner of paradise located on the other side of the world, precisely Cabarita Beach, in Australia.

Our local partner Direct Lifts Australia and the architect accepted an ambitious challenge: to insert a stylish furniture element with a high technological impact such as a custom-made lift into a prestigious existing home. That’s not all: the industrial-chic style of the housing structure required the use of metal with clean lines and cold lighting to generate a contemporary contrast effect. How to encapsulate the colors of the surrounding nature in the reflections of the glass located within a precious architectural boundary? The answer was not simple, but Technical studies and teamwork paid off.

Cabarita Beach, the flagship of Australian beaches

If it were a song, Cabarita Beach would perhaps be Norah Jones’s “Sunrise”. Slow rhythms and smiles, unforgettable colors, beaches where the blue of the sky joins the deep blue of the sea like an eternal dream. Less than a two-hour drive from Brisbane, Cabarita Beach was crowned the continent’s “Best Beach” in 2020 by Tourism Australia, the national tourism board. Not only a holiday for lovers of the exotic and peace but also a surfing mecca thanks to its extraordinary point break and warm currents.

Cabarita Beach (or as the locals like to call it, Caba) is located on the East Coast in the state of New South Wales and on the edge of coastal rainforests bordering the Tasman Sea. A unique landscape that offers a variety of opportunities, from field trips to beach life to traditional culinary delicacies.

The accommodation facility overlooks one of the best local slopes, a stone’s throw from the fine sand and in contact with the main arteries of night and day life. To offer the best experience, it was taken into consideration the integration of an indoor lift with a high level of technology and design. A NOVA Elevators’ Suite Lift installation.

Super-transparent modern indoor lift

The approach to the project was meticulous in all its aspects: from the architect’s instructions, an analytical and creative process was initiated, involving Nova Elevators’ specialists to obtain a technological system that could satisfy all needs.

The cabin: all the details are important

An industrial-style combination of black and silver was chosen for the cabin, in order to offer a visual experience that goes beyond temporal boundaries, enhancing the elegance of the materials and the exclusive design of the structure.
The glass panels surrounding the system amplify the intensity of natural light in the elevator cabin. The result is once again a sensory pleasure because it allows you to fully enjoy the sunny days of the tourist destination.

Everything under control … even the temperature

We have monitored every aspect to ensure comfort at all times. In this context, even the microclimate of the house is kept stable thanks to a state-of-the-art ventilation system that acts inside the cabin, helping to make the ride even more comfortable.
The installed cross-flow cabin fan generates a uniform airflow distributed longitudinally to make every trip between floors pleasant. Noise levels are at the lowest possible level, leaving room for the sound incursions of the ocean, which with its waves can caress the experience of racing.

Suite Lift, the home lift for a harmonic residence

As anticipated, Suite Lift was chosen to be installed, the Made in Italy home lift that harmonizes with the style of the environment in which it is installed.
Among the exclusive strengths, note the reduced consumption, up to 70% less than other mini lifts, and the high energy efficiency, with a gearless motor capable of delivering the necessary power based on the feedback it receives during the ride.

With NOVA Elevators your daily experience is a little easier and more enjoyable

The final result of the project exceeded expectations, allowing the architect to win the challenge he had initially accepted. The NOVA Elevators installation has therefore contributed to the creation of a private place where the elevation is a little easier and more pleasant.
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