Why buy a Suite Lift home lift?

No style compromise to make:
overcome technical barriers by design and innovation!
suite homelift

There is no style compromise to make!

The Suite Lift home lifts are cutting-edge design solutions which provide freedom of movement within your home or business.

The attractive design of the Suite Lift domestic lifts perfectly integrates to the interior design of every property, with a wide choice of refined materials and stylish finishes.


Our aesthetically pleasing home lifts improve both accessibility and interior design in any property. From eye-catching panoramic home lifts to luxury cabin finishes designed by internationally reknown architects, the Suite Lift home lifts perfectly match the surrounding environments: we tailor the lifts to the specific requirements of our customers.

Lift car operating panel - Nova Srl
Inside of the cabin installed in an apartment building - Nova

  • What about making your home more comfortable?
  • What if there were no more heavy bags to carry along the stairs?
  • What if people with impaired mobility could access your house or organization independently and safely?

Whether you seek a low-rise home lift or an elegant multi-story solution, NOVA Elevators has the the expertise to turn your design ideas into reality.

Your home is unique

When you design your house, you do it according to your needs and preferences. It is the treasure chest of your memories and each detail has been selected with attention.
Now it is time to add value for your home, with a long-term investment.

Why buy a Homelift - Nova Elevators
Why buy a Homelift - Nova Srl

Improve your quality of life

Our stylish home lifts offers a low energy, smooth ride, noiseless operating system, making each ride as enjoyable as possible.
Whether you are looking for a simple and discreet solution to assist in movement around the house or a spectacular showpiece glass home lift, we have your bespoke solution.

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