Wide range of cabin options, materials, colours and finishes: home lifts tailored to Elevate you with Style!
Customization Project

The Suite Lift home lift range offers a clean and modern selection of various finishes, cabin options, materials, accessories to give your home an unmissable touch: your own.

Each lift is designed to reflect your preferences, with most elements being able to adjusted to suit your decor or environment.

Domestic lift solutions which reflect the feel of your home

When you decide to install an home lift in your property, you to imagine it in your mind: colors, materials, finishes, accessories. NOVA Elevators provides a range of options to find the perfect balance of attractive design and exceptional functionality.
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Nova Suite Homelift - Customization Nova

Luxury finishes for eye-catching results!

Brilliance, freshness and a wide range of colours to create a unique lift car. From elegant styling to a vivid palette blending the most modern design, the Suite Lift home lift can fit the every interior design vision with the finest finishes. Various stainless steel types are also available, from Satin to Polished, as well as telescopic and swing doors and several ceiling options.

Customize your Suite home lift, thanks to the wide range of cabin finishes, accessories, comfort and safety tools.

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