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Made to measure

The homelift suitable for home.
Every private or public buinding has special features.
If you decide to install the Suitelift, it might be not necessary to proceed with building works.
Made to measure - Nova

Each Suite homelift is made-to-measure.

All our homelifts are tailor-made, according to your requirements. Every Suite homelift is provided with CE certificates and manufactured according to the European safety and quality controls.

After a preliminary on-site inspection, NOVA will design the ideal solution for you, according to the position, features and dimensions of the lift.


Made to measure indoor lifts installed in narrow shafts

Narrow shafts are not an obstacle for us! The smallest Suite homelift can be installed in only 68 cm shaft width and with 50 cm car size.

Each detail is made to satisfy your requirements. The building works might not be necessary: all Suite homelifts range in traction version require a pit of only 20 cm or we can provide a ramp, without intervening on the building.

Outdoor panoramic lifts

If it is not possible to install the unit indoor, the lift can be installed outdoor. It can be manufactured in glass and stainless steel, with panoramic cabin to enjoy the panorama. The experienced use of transparent materials gives the lift an elegant and pleasant look.
NOVA is able to satisfy all your requirements: you can choose to install the lift nearby the building to easily reach your home or balcony, or we can provide a boardwalk.

Made to measure Nova Homelift
Made to measur Nova elevators

The round lift Giotto is ideal for round stairwells, with a curved shape to highlight the interior design of the room.
The round or semi-round Suite homelifts can be installed in several areas inside your house: inside the stairwell, in a central position, or nearby the stairs.
In this specific, the lift external walls could also become be the stair walls and substitute the balustrade.
Giotto homelifts and lifts can easily be installed at the centre of big rooms, main entrance or openspaces. Its curved shape and the transparent glass makes it part and parcel of the furniture, enhancing with luxury details the whole building.

NOVA designs and manufactures the Giotto round lift according to your requirements, starting from a diameter of only 1300 mm.

Made to measure installations

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