Cookie Policy

What cookies are

As stated by the Data Protection Authority, cookies are small text files – formed by letters and numbers – “sent to the computer terminal (usually to the browser) of the user from the sites browsed by such user, where they are memorized to be retransmitted to the same sites upon the successive visit by the same user”. Cookies may be memorized only for the time of usage of a certain site (session cookie) or for a longer period and independent from the session (persistent cookie). Cookies are combined with the contents of the web-site and are normally aimed at improving the usability and the navigation experience. They allow NOVA S.r.l. to have knowledge of the visualized contents, the selected options and any use of the Site by the user.

Such a functionality moreover enables NOVA S.r.l. to propose the advertising more suitable and relevant to each user. NOVA S.r.l. may also collaborate with third parties, users of tracking technologies, to advertise on Internet. Such third parties may collect information anonymously concerning the visits on our Site.

To pursue the abovementioned or other purposes, cookies collect and record the browsing information, although NOVA S.r.l.’s policy is to leave to the user the choice concerning the use or not of such cookies. Consequently, should the user block or prevent the use of cookies certain functionalities of the Site may be prevented or slowed down or in any case inefficient.

Through the cookies NOVA S.r.l. will not have access to other information memorized on your device though that is where the cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot upload codes of any kind, convey viruses or malwares and are not harmful to the computer terminal of the user.
Besides to allow an easy use of the Site, NOVA S.r.l. utilizes cookies on the Site for various purposes including:

  • (i) to avoid fraudulent uses
  • (ii) to improve the offer of products and the commercialization of the same
  • (iii) to do our job website how you would expect
  • (iv) to improve speed/safety of the site
  • (v) to share the pages with social networks such as facebook;
  • (vi) to continuously improve our web site for you
  • (vii) render our marketing more efficient (ultimately helps us to offer the service we render at the prices we apply).

Cookies are not used to

  1. collect personal identification information;
  2. collect sensitive information;
  3. transfer personal identification data to third parties;
  4. pay sales commissions.

Consent of the user

By connecting for the first time to any page of NOVA S.r.l., the user will be shown a brief notice on the use of cookies. By closing such a notice through the specific button or by clicking outside the banner containing such notice and continuing with the browsing, the user consents to our use of the cookies according to this Cookie Policy.
The site reminds of the choice made by the user, therefore the brief notice shall not be redisplayed in the subsequent connections from the same device. However, the user has always the option to revoke wholly or partially the consent expressed.
Where technical problems related to the provision of the consent are encountered, please contact us through the relevant channels indicated by this site in order to allow us to provide assistance.

Which type of cookies we use

The Site currently uses the following type of cookies with the following kind of functions, which may be activated or deactivated by the user in the section “Cookie Settings” at the bottom of each page of the Site.



NOVA S.r.l. releases technical session and browsing cookies. They are cookies necessary to browse since they allow a correct use of the Site and its full functionality. They are inclusive of cookies allowing the visualization of the contents in the selected language upon each access and acknowledging which nation the user is connecting from (and memorizing such a setting for future accesses). Such cookies are strictly necessary to the functioning of the Site and their deactivation may prejudice the experience and the success of the browsing. Such a category also includes analytical cookies allowing, through other IT systems, statistical analysis of users’ browsing, with the sole purpose to understand the use by the users. They include for instance cookies recording the number of clicks occurred on a page of the Site and the number of pages browsed by the users. Such analysis are carried out over aggregate and anonymous data and for statistic purposes only. They are not essential to the functioning of the site but, being processed anonymously, they do not prejudice the interests of the data’ owners. The release of such cookies does not require the consent of the User.

NOVA S.r.l. moreover releases cookies instrumental to the use of the site. Such cookies allow NOVA S.r.l. to facilitate and improve the use of the Site by the user. They are not essential for browsing the Site and aim at easing and speeding up the use. Even in this case the consent of the user is not necessary for the release of such cookies though it is always possible to decide not to allow the activation on your device.
NOVA S.r.l. moreover releases technical cookies of consent. Such cookies keep track of the consent provided by the user concerning the use of the cookies on this site in order not to redisplay in the future accesses the brief notice on cookies and the request to grant the consent. The release of such cookies does not require the consent of the User.


We use cookies to fill in users’ statistics, such as the number of persons visiting our web site and which kind of technology they use (for instance Mac or Windows, this helps us to verify when our site does not function properly on certain technologies), for how long they browse on the site, which page they look at etc. This helps us to continuously improve our web site. Moreover, such statistics tell us anonymously how users reached this site (for instance from a search engine).

This site uses Google Analytics, a web traffic survey service supplied by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway – Mountain View – CA94043 USA which utilizes cookies to render its services and analyse traffic. Your IP address and your user agent are shared with Google along with the metrics of performances and safety to ensure the quality of the service, generate usage statistics and detect and counter possible abuses. Such cookies therefore are used to collect information on the browsing methods of the user on the site NOVA S.r.l.
Our site, like the majority of web sites, include functionalities provided by third parties. A common example is an incorporated YouTube video. We integrated in our web site the functionalities of:

Google (, Facebook and Youtube (

This site uses Google Ads, an online advertising service provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway – Mountain View – CA94043 USA which allows to customise the display advertisement campaign for users which have previously visited the web site and to adjust offers and advertisements for such users when they research on the Web or use apps.
Should you need further information on how Google processes personal data, click here. To know how to disable Google’s cookies read here.
This site uses Facebook Pixel, a service for measuring advertising conversions or retargeting with Facebook ads. We also share information extracted from the service relating to the use of the site by the user with our trusted partners operating in the social media, advertising and statistical data sectors. If you would like more information on how Facebook treats personal data, read HERE.

To read the Facebook cookie policy, click HERE.

How to disable cookies

For further information and to modify the settings related to cookies, including their activation and deactivation, please access to the dedicated section “Cookie Settings” linked by the footer of the site.

Moreover, almost any computer, by operating on the browser settings, allows to warn the user each time a cookie is sent or allow to totally deactivate cookies. Their complete deactivation may prevent many functions or a correct browsing or visualization of the Site or other web pages.

Social Plugins (of third parties)

Our web pages contain plug-in of the most known social networks (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) managed by the relevant third parties. Should you access to one of our web pages containing plug-ins, the internet browser shall directly connect to the servers of the third parties and the plug-in will be displayed on the screen due to the connection with the browser. The plug-in may notify to the servers of the third parties which pages the user browsed.

Where a user of a social network browse of our pages while connected to its account, such information may be associated with the account. Even where the plug-in functions are used, the information may be associated with the account.

The Data Controller of the data transmitted through the plug-ins are respectively:

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