Thanks to the indoor elevator Suite lift, the daily work inside a restaurant is easier, safer and quicker.


On the beautiful Lake d’Iseo, Restaurant Camplani chose to install an indoor Suite lift with masonry shaft to help the daily lifting of loads and boxes between the kitchen and the warehouse.

Why Suite homelift?

NOVA Elevators designed an indoor lift with elegant lines to refresh an area of the restaurant which was previously empty. The indoor lift fits perfectly the aesthetics of the Restaurant and helped the mobility of the kitchen team, helping to lift heavy loads such as water boxes and food supplies between the warehouse and the kitchen.

How was the lift designed and manufactured?

The indoor lift was designed with opposed cabin doors. The folding car doors allows the users to access the elevator with busy hands in complete safety. Also, the elegant and minimal lines of the elevator itself and the light colour enhance the space where the elevator is installed, which is close to the eating area.